02September2017: Witch’s Garden

26February2017: The Spooky Story of Sauer Castle

27Jenuary2017: The Enchanting Crater Lake National Park 

02Jenuary2017: Visit a Real Ice Castle! 

18November2016: EMP: The Incredible Music, Fantasy, Horror and Science Fiction Museum

03October2016: Halloween Celebrations: England 

21September2016: Halloween Traditions: Scotland

1September2016: The Mystic Castle of Good Hope

18August2016: The Legend of Nessie, the Monster of Loch Ness

14August2016: Edinburgh’s Haunted Castle

8August2016: Dracula’s castle

31Juli2016: Haunted house tour: Sturdivant Hall, Selma (Alabama)

11July2016: The Tower of London and its Mysteries

01July2016: Salem