The Mighty Castle is an updated portal for everyone who loves fantasy, horror, mystic and adventure literature and filmography.

My name is Iole Catanzaro, Italian-Norwegian with a bachelor in Foreign Languages and Literature. This blog is created following my huge passion for literature and cinema, and the will of sharing points of view, ideas, and news with others that love this world as well. But it’s not only about this.

Do you ever wonder where certain movies are filmed or where the places of inspiration of specific authors are located? Have you ever had the desire of having more information about the soundtracks of fantasy, adventure or horror movies, so important to create their typical atmosphere? Or would you love having really updated news of everything that happens in the world, regarding these genres?

If so, this is the right place for you. Like a castle has its rooms, this blog is divided into several sections, everyone different from the other, and analyzing different aspects.

The final purpose of this blog ย is to let the reader enter into a fantastic world.