Searching on YouTube, you can find a series of horror videos about anything, from possessed dolls videos to paranormal activities caught on video. But, what is real and what is made up just to get attention?

Today I want to focus on this strange phenomenon. I must say that in my opinion most of them are fake, just because sometimes the tricks are evident if you have a keen eye (transparent strings moving chairs, tables and doors, or evident graphical effects), but, sometimes, some videos are just so well made, that you wonder if something really is going on.

We certainly know about several real strange phenomena happening, and that’s always been like that. But, if you really see something strange, would take a camera and film all of it really be the first thing you’ll do? I don’t know.

Anyway, here is a list of the most haunted dolls caught on camera and well explained by the YouTube channel Top 5s Finest. Enjoy!