American Poltergeist tells the story of a group of college students that decide to rent a vacation house during summer in Fall River, Massachusetts.

You’ll immediately find out at the beginning of the movie that it’s a very strange and spooky house, with bedrooms at the second floor, a spooky pool and a basement that, as the house’s owner Dianna Eastbrock explains, is completely locked, and the key has been lost. The film is divided like a diary into days, and as days go by, the friends will understand more and more that the house hides a terrible secret. In fact, in August 1892 a terrible murder happened, the famous Lizzie Borden murder, where a girl murdered her parents; this happened in the basement of that house.

The same thing happened again in 1992, the day one of the protagonists of the film and one of the friends moving into the house, is born. Taryn has a strange feeling that something is wrong, but nobody believes her at the beginning. They’ll soon find out who she really is, and they’ll experience one of the most terrifying poltergeists in American history.

The movie is directed by Mike Rutkowski, that graduated in 2008 from the Los Angeles Film School; this is his first feature film.

The plot and the story is very interesting but the story could have been deepened more in my opinion; that’s the classical story of a haunted house, that I love, but I feel like we miss a great part of the story in some way. The movie is also not so long, it’s a bit more than an hour.