Let’s continue the journey into spooky mansions and castles around the world. Sauer Castle, in Kansas City, has an incredible history worth telling.

Sauer Castle is a mansion that was for the first time a residence back in 1858, when a business man called Anton Sauer decided to live there after the death due to tuberculosis of his beloved wife, after they moved to America from Vienna, Austria. He would not expect what was going to happen there, and apparently the mansion had some sort of evil spell, that would have lasted for generations. In fact, after marrying another woman, Maria, in 1869, they had together five children, and one of them dramatically died during infancy inside the mansion.

Consequently, both Anton Sauer and Maria died in the same house in horrifying circumstances; Anton was found dead in the second floor master bedroom, and Maria committed suicide by hanging.

Their children decided anyway to continue living in the mansion, but horror was not over. In fact, Eve, one of the Sauer’s daughters, married a man in the mansion, William, that also committed suicide in the house, with a handgun. You would say that this is it, it could not be possible that in the same mansion something else happened after all these horrible things. That’s wrong; generation after generation, something extremely dramatic continued to happen, like a girl drown in the swimming pool of the house and other mysterious deaths.

From the year 1930 many ghost stories about the mansion were told and everyone was scared of this place.

Anyway, in 1987 the mansion was sold to a man called Bud Wyman, that hoped to turn the location into a bed and breakfast, but the plan didn’t go as planned.

Someone suppose there have also been murders inside the house (but historically there is no proof of that), someone else think you can find treasures and secret hidden passages inside the mansion, and secret tunnels. Obviously, the most common rumor is that of the presence of the ghost of all the people that suffered inside this mansion, since its construction.

Nowadays, neighbors and the community have reported several paranormal activities, such as crying, laughter and shouting that have been heard coming from the house, lights have mysteriously appeared in the tower, and in the same tower, on Halloween, two apparitions have been inexplicably seen dancing.

Here is the link to a video of Sauer Castle, where you can see how it is.