Ransom Riggs did a great work writing the New York Times best seller book Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, and I can’t imagine someone else but Tim Burton as director of the film with the same name.

Jake is a boy that has a very close relationship with his grandpa, that used to tell him wonderful and scary goodnight stories about his childhood during World War II; grandpa Abe told Jake about a place where everyone could be themselves, a place for peculiar children, children with paranormal abilities, run by the wise and good Miss Peregrine, a woman with the peculiarity of being able to transmute in a beautiful bird, and also, she can manipulate time!  But, he also told Jake about horrific monsters that chased them, so they could not live a peaceful life.

Unfortunately, grandpa Abe dies in mysterious ways and Jake cannot get over it. So he decides, with the help of his psychologist, to make the trip that will change his life, the travels to Wales with his dad to investigate and find out more about the children’s home. Maybe, it wasn’t only goodnight stories his grandpa told him?

Once again Eva Green did a great work playing the role of Miss Peregrine; but, there is also other amazing actors in this movie, like Samuel L. Jackson, Terence Stamp and Judi Dench.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for peculiar Children is one of the most seen movies in 2016 worldwide.

This is a movie with lots of hidden meanings, and I loved all the locations. The beautiful Wales landscapes and the wonderful castle – home for children, with its magic green garden.