This is a beautiful, sweet, dark, 3D stop-motion animated film directed by Tim Burton and clearly inspired by Mary Shelley’s horror novel Frankenstein.

What makes the movie beautiful is that it’s entirely made in black and white, but you’re so focused on the plot that you forget that there are no colors while you’re watching.

Here Burton analyzes feelings like friendship between animals and humans, loneliness and the important balance between science and faith.

Victor is a strange boy with no friends and a huge interest for science. His only friend is his dog Sparky. But Sparky dies in an in an accident, and Victor cannot accept that.

He wants his friend back, so he uses his scientific abilities to resurrect the dog. The dog comes back, but things will not go as Victor expected, and at the end he just has to face the fact that things changes.

In an interview Burton explained that this is one of his most autobiographical movies, and that he was like Victor when he was a little boy.

Once again Danny Elfman did a great work with the score of the movie, and on September 2012 Frankenweenie: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack was released by Walt Disney Records, winning the Saturn Awards as Best Music in Animated Film.

Frankenweenie’s Award nominations and won prices are countless.