Exciting news for all horror-movie addicted: on August 11, 2017, the second entry in the Annabelle film series will be released in the United States.

It will be interesting to see how this movie turns out, given that the director will not be the amazing James Wan, as it was for the first film. But, I’m pretty sure this movie has great potential, because his substitute will be the Swedish filmmaker David F. Sandberg, that has also worked with Wan, directing Lights Out, another successful horror film that had its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival in 2016.


We all remember that the scary part of the movie is that it’s based on real events, in particular it was inspired by the story of a doll named Annabelle told by Ed and Lorraine Warren. I made a post some time ago about the scary and incredible real story behind the film, and here is the link to the post in case you haven’t read it yet –

The fascinating story of Ed and Lorraine Warren

Anyways, the upcoming Annabelle movie will tell us the tragic story of a couple, a doll maker and his wife, that lost a daughter twenty years earlier. After an orphanage has been closed, the couple decides to open their home to a nun and many girls; but, things will not be as they expected, since the doll Annabelle is in the house.

Here is the official trailer of Annabelle II.