Sorry if I haven’t been so active lately on the Mighty Castle, but I wasn’t feeling well. Luckily, everything is ok now, and I’m really excited to talk to you about one of the most common symbols of mysticism, something that appears frequently in mystic, fantasy, and horror books and films, and something that has always been view with great interest or fascination by everyone who loves magic or alchemy in general: the magic Grimoire.

A Grimoire is a huge ancient book of magic, where you can find spells of all sorts, usually consulted by witches and wizards, not only for spell instructions, but also as a sort of “book of knowledge”, to find answers or just increase their knowledge of magic.


Here are the 5 most interesting or scary facts I found about this mystic collection of magic:

1 – One of the most known and dark volumes of Grimoires is the Grand Grimoire, also known as the Red Dragon, a black magic grimoire written in the early 19th century and divided into two books. Nowadays many fantasy books and videogames have used the term Grand Grimoire, but they are actually referring to a real historic – black magic work. And there’s nothing fun about the original one. I would never even open it.

2- One of the most engaged specialists of Grimoires was Cornelius Agrippa, a physician, philosopher and theologian that during the Renaissance studied occult topics, publishing his own grimoire, the Three Books of Occult Philosophy, in 1533.

3- There are two different opinions about the etymology of the word Grimoire; some thinks it comes from the Frankish word “grima”, meaning “mask”, “sorcerer”; another source could be the Italian word “rimario”, meaning “book of rhymes”. In any case, the word melded with the French “grammaire”, meaning “grammar”.

4- There are historical evidences of very ancient grimoires from Egypt, the earliest known written magical grimoires actually, where there are descriptions of purifications and spells to achieve love, treasures and other things, with sigils consisting of mystical words that in most cases can be read in several directions.

5- Grimoires were not only used for magic purposes, in fact there where very useful and interesting grimoires in which scientists have found info and different notes about astrology and science.

There’s so much to say when you have to describe such an ancient tradition and object, and this has been the first time I’ve done some proper research about this particular work. But, anyway, hope you liked the 5 facts I selected, and feel free to let me know what you would add, and what do you think about it. Always interesting to read your comments! 🙂