This is one of my favorite Harry Potter books. The storyline of the Philosopher’s Stone was more simple, but here we really begin to enter into this fantastic magic world, we get to know more and more all the characters, many of the amazing secret passages and mystic rooms at Hogwarts, the castle that is a stronghold of ancient magic – as Dumbledore says to Harry; you feel like really being there with Harry, Ron and Hermione trying to find out why Harry hears strange voices, and what’s the meaning of the scary message written on the castle’s wall, “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, Enemies of the Heir, beware.”


In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets we meet for the first time the house-elf Dobby, that will be a loyal friend to Harry, and that warns him that it will be very dangerous if he decides to go back to Hogwarts after the holydays (the House-Elf is a loyal magical creature bound to his owner). We’ll also find out that the Chamber of Secrets houses a terrible monster, a Basilisk, a giant serpent, the King of Serpents, which can instantly kill anyone who looks into its eyes. The Chamber was created by one of the school’s founders, Salazar Slytherin. Everyone thought it was only a myth, but rumors of its existence persisted for many centuries.

Also, when Ron is scared he’s so funny, and he will be, when they have to follow the spiders into the Forbidden Forest, to find out Hagrid’s secret.

As all Harry Potter books, this one too has won several awards, among which Book of the Year, the British Book Award, the Guardian Children’s Award and the American Library Association listed the novel as one of the Best Books for Young Adults.

J. K. Rowling has an incredible ability to describe every location, from Diagon Alley, to Ron’s cozy house, to Hogwarts, and I think this is one of the secrets of her success, because you really feel like being there when you read.