The horror-fantasy drama television series of the year, Penny Dreadful has been one of my favorite shows to watch in 2016. Entirely created by John Logan – who had already won an Academy Award for co-writing the best picture winner for the amazing Gladiator, among other great recognitions – Penny Dreadful is unique in his genre, a voyage through life and death, literature and science, ancient times and progress, depicted in both realistic and fantasy ways. Every character in this series is so well made, and never predictable. Here is my top 5 great characters. But, if you haven’t watched Penny Dreadful, I highly recommend to do it before reading this, because there may be some spoilers.


Joan Clayton

  • Portrayed by the very talented Patti Lupone, Joan Clayton is a talented witch living in a place that I adore, a dark-gothic house on an isolated hill and surrounded by mystic woods. Joan will become one of Vanessa Ives’s best friends, and the only one that truly comprehend her peculiarities. Brilliant character, Joan Clayton.


The Creature

  • I think Rory Kinnear, who portrays Doctor Frankenstein’s creation, is one of the best actors of this show. His interpretation of this troubled, enigmatic, dark and deep character is perfect. The Creature, also named John Claire, reflects and experience human hate and cruelty, but also the greatness of human kindness. His best friend is literature, where he tries to find answers, and a support in his loneliness.


Brona Croft / Lily Frankenstein

  • Brona is a woman with a brutal and very troubled past, who at the end of her life experience true love for the first time in her life. After her death, Doctor Victor Frankenstein will create a female creature so that the monster can have a mate, and after her rebirth Brona’s new name is Lily, symbolizing the new life. But this time she will not be humiliated or submitted by any man, and as a consequence of her past life, she decides to fight for herself and chooses to live the life that she wants. Brona represents feminism, in a period in which – the Victorian Age – women had not the same rights as men.


Dorian Gray


  • One of the most amazing things about Penny Dreadful is that you have many characters that you already know from literature, deeply described and all in the same show, and this makes this series unique. Dorian Gray is apparently a sybarite, one who loves beauty in every aspect, he is beautiful and want to surround himself only with beauty. But, this character is so much more than that. He organizes impeccable parties, balls, he is fond of music and art, but, at the end of the day, he is lonely. I think his character symbolizes the fact that if you feel lonely, you can be surrounded by different people, but you will still feel lonely, if you don’t have someone you really can trust.




  • A long-time ally of Sir Malcolm and the butler of the mansion, the wise Sembene will be a good, honest and trustworthy friend to everybody in the first and second season of Penny Dreadful. He has a mysterious past and will give support and help, both physically and mentally, with lots of useful advices. He will fight for his friends until the end.


Have you watched Penny Dreadful? If so, what’s your favorite character? I made a top 5,  but I think every other character not mentioned was also great, and loved  the various locations. Plus, the visual effects are amazing!