Who has read fantasy novels where there are ice princesses in beautiful ice castles? You’ve always thought they’re only fairytales and it can’t be possible to see something like that in real life. That’s not completely true. In fact, Ice Castles do exist. Every year there are different locations, and this year you can visit the Ice Castles in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Utah, Canada and New Hampshire, although the entertainment company that specializes in large-scale events handcrafted from ice is Utah-based.

Dress for winter with warm clothes and winter boots and enter the wonderful Ice Castle for an amazing experience.


To build up the castle, the crew grows roughly 10.000 icicles every day and places them throughout the Ice Castle to provide something to the water to freeze to. Over time the icicles get absorbed into the ice structure creating an amazing result.

As you know, ice has the same color of water, so you’ll see wonderful beautiful blue shades and towers walking through, and this is a natural color created by the water, that absorbs every other color of the spectrum except from blue, and the amazing thing is that the thicker the ice, the deeper the shade of blue.

Here is the video of the beautiful Ice Castles you can visit. It’s just like a fairytale, but in real life!

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