During the 19th century several stories and poems have been made depicting children, always so pure and beautiful, almost like angels. Peter Pan, the story of the child that never grows up, has been considered since the Victorian Age the most famous children novel ever written.

The Scottish novelist and playwright James Matthew Barrie (1860-1937) is the creator of this popular novel, he had a great career during his life, and decided, before his death, to give the rights to the Peter Pan works that made him famous all over the world to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London.

Peter Pan is the story of a boy that shows to his new friends a world that only children can see, the mystical island of Neverland, an island where kids can have a never ending childhood, a world of nature, fairies, pirates and ships, as well as marine creatures and different animals in the woods.


Several movies and different adaptations have been made from the original novel; the animated film produced by Walt Disney is by far the most famous and watched adaptation. But, the 1991’s sequel directed by Steven Spielberg has also captured the attention of many children – and adults- around the world, starring the unforgettable Robin Williams as the adult Peter Banning.

The novel Peter Pan is an allegory of how beautiful the childhood is, and the author focus on the fact that we always have to carry with us the wonder of children, and their beautiful vision of the world, in every aspect.

In my opinion the novel reflects the adaptations, and Barrie explains this story in a very natural and fantastic way, focusing on children adventures and wonderful fantastic surroundings, in a voyage through life.

This is a winter reading that fits also adults, and the last book I’ve read in 2016. Can’t wait for all the new exciting books I’ve planned to read in 2017.

I wish you all a great New Year Eve and all the best wishes for the new year! 😀