One of the most watched fantasy swashbuckler film series of all time, Pirates of the Caribbean is a unique work, and that’s for a variety of reasons. The music is one of them. Klaus Badelt is the composer of the film score, and Hans Zimmer the music producer, helped by other amazing musicians. The result is stunning.


You surely have already heard about Hans Zimmer, who is recognized as one of Hollywood most innovative musical talents; the list of his awards is very long, starting from the composition of The Lion King in the 90’, that sold over 15 million copies worldwide and earned him an Academy Award for Best Original Score, a Golden Globe, an American Music Award, and two Grammy Awards. Plus, he has been nominated for seven Oscars for the scores of the Gladiator, the Prince of Egypt, Mission Impossible and The Last Samurai, among other films. He also made the scores and won several awards for Pearl Harbor, The Ring 4, and Hannibal.

In an interview he made where he was asked about the music of Pirates of the Caribbean, he talks about what’s the meaning of music for him, and he says that with music you find colors that compliments what you see on the screen, something you can’t express with words. He wanted to create something fresh and original for this movie. The Pirate of the Caribbean move series is both dramatic and funny, so he had to think about the movie and the scenes in a musical way; the score is made by many Irish elements, mixed with amazing orchestration.

Telling the story of pirates, shipwrecks and fights, the movies have a very close correlation with nature and in particular with the ocean. So, Zimmer used repetition of some notes to create the similarity with the waves of the sea.

Also, for you who didn’t know it, exciting news are coming up! Hans Zimmer will lead an internet course in writing music for the movies that will be available in January 2017 and includes more than 30 exclusive video lessons. This is a great opportunity for musicians or everyone who is really interested in music to learn more from one of the most talented composers of our time.

For prices and more info, here is the link to his website, where you can also find the video where he explains and talk about this project.