If you’re searching for a strange, but funny and dark film, this is the case. Dark Shadows is once a time a mystic and very clever work by the brilliant director Tim Burton, played by many talented actors, such as Johnny Depp, Eva Green and Michelle Pfeiffer. Burton’s style is evident, but he always manages to make unique movies.


This is the story of the vampire Barnabas Collins, a very old vampire imprisoned in a coffin by his jealous ex-lover and witch Angelique. Most of the story is set in a beautiful dark and spooky mansion, where the cousin of the protagonist lives with the rest of his family.

Dark Shadows has not a linear plot, so it may seem a bit confusing, but that’s what makes the film unique. I think that the film focuses more on the story, and on how the characters react to different experiences; every character reflects a different human aspect and different feelings. The story is powerful and very funny at times. The movie has received mixed reviews.


Another collaboration with the great Elfman that scored the film is a plus. An entire album of all the tracks from the film was released in 2012; and obviously you can hear most of the music during the film, really amazing.

Also, this gothic horror comedy film is based on a soap opera of the same name of 1966, that had some of the same features, such as melodramatic performances and numerous dramatic plot twists.


If someone is interested in watching it, here is the trailer: