My laptop is now fixed, so I’m finally here again. I’m so excited to be back into The Mighty Castle.

Today I’ll talk to you about my Halloween night and how it was. I had a great night with my brother and one of my best friends; how you can see from the pics, we love decorating for the night, so there were a bunch of funny and scary decorations all over the house.




We also love to bake for Halloween, and that’s a tradition to have Halloween muffins, and several other cakes just for that night. So we ate very well I have to say.

We began celebrating Halloween in the afternoon, carving a big pumpkin for the evening, and putting make up on. I love how the pumpkin reflects the light in the garden that night, it really makes the Halloween atmosphere.

We spent the night having a horror movie marathon, chatting and eating. We watched some episodes of the Goosebumps (we’ve always loved them, and watched them through the years since we were younger), then we watched the first movie of Chucky, from 1988, the story of the famous possessed doll, one of the most recognizable horror icons. Several films have been made about it, but this is the first.



Usually we have a long night walk where we live at Halloween night, and that’s so special. But this year, I was not able to do that because I was not feeling very well with my back, so we decided to watch another movie instead. And it was funny as well! A movie most of you have seen I guess, Scream, created by Kevin Williamson.  And the rest of the night we just had fun together, gathered around the table with candles on and reading some ancient mystic books we had, telling some scary stories. Hope you too had an amazing night with the people you love, I surely had. 🙂