I’m really happy to have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by ignitedmoth and being part of this wonderful initiative; so thank you so much to the lovely ignitedmoth. Reading her blog is a must if you’re interested in fantasy, sci-fi and horror stuff. Here you can find fun Halloween tags, interesting book recommendations, and great cake recipes and reviews. Check her out at



The purpose of the One Lovely Blog Award is to know more about the nominated bloggers and most of all to spread some positivity and love through the web, recommending your favorite blogs. Hearing bad news every day, stories of hate and negativity, on the web and in everyday people’s life, it’s very important for bloggers to spread as much positivity and hope as possible.



The Official Rules of this Award go as such:


  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.


  • List the rules and display the Award.


  • Nominate 6 – 10 bloggers to receive this Award.


  • State 7 facts about yourself.


So here are my seven facts about me I want to share with you:

Fact I


  • I love all kind of literature, from different parts of the world. I’ve had literature at school since I was a kid: Italian, English, Latin, Greek. But, my favorite is American literature, that I’ve began studying at university. I did my graduation thesis on Edgar Allan Poe’s works. Obviously, I’m particularly fond of the fantasy, adventure and horror genre. I also like reading novels when I’ve got time.


Fact II


  • I’m bilingual, so I speak fluently both Italian and Norwegian. I love the fact that I’ve grown up with two different cultures.



Fact III


  • I’ve tried out a lot of sports during my childhood (like volley ball, swimming, artistic gymnastics, dance – among other things) but my favorite one has always been tennis.


Fact IV


  • I love walking in the nature, whether it is on the beach, or into the woods.


Fact V


  • My favorite holiday is Halloween, and some of my best memories from the childhood and from now are from different Halloween nights every year, with my dear brother and all my best friends.


Fact VI


  • I love spending time with my boyfriend; whatever we do, like for example watching movies together, walking in the nature, listening to music, we always have amazing and lovely moments together. I’m very happy to have him in my life.


Fact VII


  • My family and I love animals, and having a garden and space, we have many. Here is a pic of our cat Tine. 😀




And now, here are the next nominees. These are all very interesting and well done blogs, and my best blogs to visit. Here they are:


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