The Fall of the House of Usher is a short story written by the amazing Edgar Allan Poe, one of my favorites and a perfect October reading.

The book was published in 1839, when Poe lived in Philadelphia, and reading it you find all the most important features of gothic literature, mixed with the main charactersโ€™ psychological analysis, one of Poeโ€™s most popular characteristics.


The author describes as a first person narrator the story of his stay at the House of Usher, home of one of his best friends.

The narrator receives an unexpected letter from his dear Roderick Usher in which he tells that he is not well, having severe mental issues. The friend then decides to go visit him to help him face this difficult time.

When he arrives, the setting is really scary and disturbing; the House is characterized by gloomy and faded walls; around the house there are several dark reeds, rotten trunks and a very dark little lake that reflected everything around it.

After being received by houseโ€™s butler, the two friends meet in a large and mystic room, full of books, paintings and ancient instruments. Roderick is very pale, and he tells to his friend that his presence will for sure help him. Roderick has a sister, Lady Madeleine, who is as well very ill.

In the Fall of the House of Usher you experience how a haunted house is, secret crypts and stunning storms. You have adventure, horror and drama all together.