I’ve already wrote an article about Salem, its history and the most interesting places to visit there today, but, what if you’re going in October?

If you happen to be in Salem, one of the most connected places in the world to Halloween and witchcraft, you would have plenty of interesting stuff to do and experience. A one of a lifetime experience if you are there is without any doubt haunted tours. Here are some tips about the best Salem tours in this period.

One of the best tours you can experience is the Bewitched After Dark tour, an historical tour that has as motto “Where the History is more Frightening than the Fiction”. On the Bewitched Historical Tour, you will learn about 1692 hysteria and witch trials, ghosts and haunted locations, Salem’s colonial history and present day witchcraft. The guide Jeff is a history major, so he will give you a lot of interesting and mystic info about everything Salem related. The tours are approximately two hours in duration and are entirely outside, so this is a unique experience.

Here is the link to the official Bewitched After Dark tour, where you can find more info about tickets and meeting points.


If you are searching for hauntings info another recommended tour is The Black Cat Tour organized by Lara and Daniel fury: master storytellers that will immerse you in the fascinating tales of the city where great stories begin, and true ghost stories really happened there.

There is a Daytime Historic Tour, where you can visit the ancient burial ground and know more about pirates, puritans, witchcraft and war; you will also discover why Salem became one of the biggest shipping ports in America. And, there is also the very exciting Evening Ghostly Tour, and you travel to some of the most haunted sites of Salem and America! Here is the website:


You can also experience Haunted Cruises; for example, the Haunted Harbor Cruise is a 75 minute experience where you can experience Tarot reading, and stories of local pirates and haunted islands.


Or, you can join the magic at the Salem Witch Walk, where you join real Salem witches in a magic circle and learn more about Witchcraft. More info here:


There are so many different things you can experience, it all depends on you and what you prefer.