I don’t know what it is that makes this movie so scary, maybe the fact that it’s filmed entirely as a found footage horror film, or that it’s shot in real Halloween haunted house attractions around the USA, but the result is really realistic. A group of friends wants to make a documentary of Halloween Haunted Houses, and in particular find out if there is something more behind horrific masks and scary locations. A camper trip around the United States, with many surprises wherever they go. Some Haunted Houses are so realistic, that also people that are not afraid, are afraid.


This movie was released before Halloween 2015 in the USA, and it’s directed by Zack Andrews and Steven Schneider (that also worked in other popular horror movies like Paranormal Activity and Insidious).


The Houses October Built had its premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. The most amazing part of this movie are the masks, the costumes and make-up of the participants of the haunted houses.


Andrews told in an interview that the originality of this movie is the fact that it’s a real environment, with real people and a lot of it it’s very real. The footage movies are often too perfect; in this film you see yourself there. These actors and performers are always striving to top each other and to do the scariest thing, so it’s never a dull moment during the movie. There’s so much creativity that it makes a movie world we have never seen before.