For a perfect Halloween party, you need great decorations. There are many little or big shops you can go to around the world. Halloween is more and more celebrated, and many places have Halloween stands, where you can find traditional decorations, as candles and lights, but also some very original ones. Or, you can make decorations yourself. It’s not as difficult as it seems, and the result is most of the times satisfying.

Something that is really decorative is pumpkins. You can carve them yourself. You only need a sharp knife and imagination. Here is the link to Martha Stewart’s website, where you can follow the entire process and try it yourself.


If you’re seeking also for other types of decorations, one of the best websites you can visit and where you can find everything Halloween related, like lights, masks, party supplies, and outdoor décor is Spirit. Here is the link.


Some basic décor ideas are red, orange or black candles, and fake spider webs on the table or on the doors.

But, you can also recycle something that isn’t longer useful, and make it a decoration. This year, for example, I made a candy box for Halloween night out of a simple Pringles box. And another decoration out of a rope.