Usually the best scary movies are American, but this is not the case: REC is a Spanish zombie horror film shot in Barcelona, Spain, and directed by Spanish producer Jaume Balaguerò. The movie has the same “shaky camera” techniques as The Blair Witch Project, and this makes the film really realistic. REC is filmed as a found footage movie, in which the protagonists are trapped in a scary house where strange and horrible things happen. A reporter and her cameraman manage to record everything that happens; apparently, there is an infection and they cannot be rescued from the situation.


The film was shown on several Festivals around the world (also at the famous Venice International Film Festival), and when the producer was interviewed, he said that the most important influence for their movie wasn’t other movies, as it usually is, but TV; in fact, they wanted to create an original horror movie, played like a TV Show, and analyzing the aspects of not being able to escape from your fears.

This movie has received very positive critics and is considered a really original movie, that catches the attention of the audience during the entire experience.

This is a movie recommended for Halloween night, because there is a solid story behind and it’s realistic.

Thanks to the success of the first movie, the crew was able to do a sequel in 2009, portraying the events that followed after the end of the previous film.