The widespread believe in afterlife has supported the believe of the existence of the ghost, a soul or spirit of a dead person that can appear to the living. We have the first written proof of man that has seen a ghost already in very ancient literature, in particular in religious books and volumes; in fact, some practices of spiritualism and rituals, as funerals in the Christian religion (but also other celebrations in several other religions), are specifically designed to rest the spirits of the death.


A ghost can also be named poltergeist, and that’s a German word to indicate a very noisy ghost, and in particular one that manifests itself by moving objects, also violently.

The ghost is a very fascinating and mysterious figure and as such it has been analyzed in many human fields, like literature, religion, folklore, anthropology, science and mythology, to mention just a few of them.

In many cultures when you see a ghost it’s because it has some unresolved things on earth and it can’t rest in peace, or seeking revenge, so obviously most people would feel scared; many are both scared and fascinated, by something that is not known by mankind. Science try to explain the phenomena as light and air scientific phenomena, and optical illusions, but many of the proofs cannot be explained by science. So it’s a big mystery. As death itself; no one knows what’s going to come next, so the man is feeling helpless.

Ghosts are mostly seen as misty, white and transparent figures shaped in the air. But, there is a very important difference in sightseeing of ghost, because as they represent the good and the evil, there are ghosts seen considered “good souls”, but some not. In this case their names are demons.

Ghosts are often seen in ancient mansions or rural areas. A common legend is also that of the ghost ships, ships full of ghosts that can never make port and is doomed to sail the oceans forever. These legends are both from the Pirate periods, but also from the period of the American Conquest.

Whatever you believe in ghosts or not, on Halloween night it’s a must to sit down with friends and tell spooky ghost stories in front of a bonfire and with a warm cup of tea.