For the Halloween night/period, a classic movie to watch is Friday the 13th; actually, there are several movies you can choose to watch. This is a huge horror movie saga composed of 12 film (nine sequels, one spin-off and one remake). However, the first movie was made in 1980 by the American producer Sean Sexton Cunningham.


Jason Voorhees, the main character of all the movies, is now considered a classical character in horror history and he is known also by people who have not seen Friday the 13th. In fact, this character has been represented during the years in several novels, video games, comic books; and he has also been the protagonist of a film with another iconic horror character: Freddy Krueger. Jason is one of the leading cultural icons of American popular culture.


The main place of the movie is a lake called the Crystal Lake, surrounded by woods, where Jason lives as a hermit. In one of the films, five American teenagers have the idea to set up a camp there, and they will be killed by the mysterious Jason. What also surprise the audience is that the man is completely silent throughout most of the movies. There is an explanation of how Jason became such a monster, and what he had to go through. You have to watch it to understand why this saga is considered a classical horror story, sad, cold, and scary. Also, great makeup artists and stuntmen made his character very realistic.