This 1990 American dark fantasy film is one of the most amazing works written and produced by Tim Burton, and one of his most successful movies, receiving numerous nominations at the Academy, and winning many awards.


The beautiful story is about a grandmother who tells a goodnight fairytale to her granddaughter on a winter night on where snow comes from. Everything began with a man created with scissors instead of hands (played by Johnny Depp), and now living in a gothic mansion on a hill, isolated by other human beings. Despite his aspect that could instill fear, he has a good soul and he has the capability of making wonderful ice sculptures with the help of his scissor hands.


Burton claims in an interview that Edward’s story comes from his childhood memories, and in particular how lonely he felt and isolated from other children; and he also tells that Shelley’s Frankenstein and other classic books had also an influence on this story.

The score is also beautiful, and it’s created by Danny Elfman.


Something that not everyone knows is that Edward’s makeup and hairstyle are inspired by Robert Smith, leader of the famous band The Cure; and another curiosity is that in Tim Burton’s new Alice in Wonderland, you can clearly see Edward’s sculptures represented into the garden of the Queen.

If you watch this movie, you can truly understand why Tim Burton is nowadays seen as one of the most talented producers of the world, he really is. This film is pure magic.