The place of myths, magic and mystic stories, literature, movies and legends, a place of inspiration, and where beauty of nature is at its best: the woods. I always love films or books that have their set into the woods; so, I decided to do a list for you, of the most common mythological creatures that we think about if we imagine trees, rivers and nature.


Elves – The folkloristic supernatural being I’ve already talked about in this blog has always been connected with the woods; it is said that its home is in holes under particular giant pine trees.

Trolls – The giant Old Norse mythological creatures are always described living on isolated rocks into the woods especially on high mountains or caves; often in small family units and far from human habitations.


Fairies – The imaginary creatures with magic powers, usually represented as very small and with beautiful wings, live in the forest. They hide from humans with their green clothing and underground homes.

Tree Spirits – We refer to them also as Tree Deities, and they are a common figure in several cultures (like in Buddhist or Hindu mythology). Usually they are represented as young women and often related to ancient fertility believes.

Witches – This is I think one of the most fascinating figures, believed to live in little wooden houses into the woods, and collecting herbs to practice their magical skills and ability.

Nymphs – Divine spirits who animate nature in Greek and Latin Mythology, usually depicted as beautiful creatures living near or inside rivers or lakes in the forest. They are often associated with flowers and lilies.


These are only a few of the creatures often related with forest all over the world. The wonderful woods have always inspired authors and writers during the centuries.

Turning back to reality, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United States reported that world pollution is, as it has been for several years now, a huge humanitarian problem and still continues at a high rate everywhere. The forest, as we all know, is vital for every form of human life. The main message I want to spread to everyone with this article is, respect nature and all forms of human creatures. Walk through the woods and have an unforgettable picnic near the river, but don’t throw away trash around you. That’s not respectful, not for yourself as a person, and not for everyone and everything around you.