The Castle of Good Hope is a provincial heritage site located in Cape Town, South Africa. It has, as many castles, a long history, and it’s being built by the Dutch East Indian Company in 1666. The initial purpose of the castle was to act as a replenishment station for ships that came from commercial European nations. Consequently, the fortress was used as a prison (during the Second Boer War in 1899); nowadays, the Castle of Good Hope is considered a national monument and it houses the Cape Town Highlanders Regiment, an African infantry unit, and the Castle Military Museum.


The castle is believed to be haunted, and several people have had proofs. Mystic footsteps between the two bastions, screams and strange voices are heard on a regular basis by the military guards during the late night shifts. Someone claims it is the ghost of a tall gentleman, probably one of the thousands of prisoners of the past years; it can be possible, because the castle was the heart of civilian, administrative and military activity for many years, but also, as I wrote, a site of punishment and a prison.

In 1684 a spooky bell tower was built, situated over the main entrance of the castle, and is now considered the oldest bell in South Africa. There are several ghost stories also about this particular place of the castle; the bell was used to announce to everyone the danger. In the seven hundred a man was found here hanging from a bell rope. Witnesses now claim to have heard the bell ringing at random times.

The ghost of a woman has also been seen into the fortress, and people think itโ€™s that of Lady Anne Bernard, the wife of a colonial secretary; she is wearing long grey clothes and she is wandering in the ballroom of the castle.