When it comes to the music session of this blog, I’ve written about great musicians and composers always related to particular soundtracks, so you could know more about how the scores you listen to are created and who deserves to be remembered for creating them. But, as we all know, there are many amazing musicians that are not necessary bound to a particular movie, that are representing Celtic and folk music though, so I’ve decided to begin write about them too.


The fist band I want to tell you about is a Swiss folk metal band called Eluveitie. They have meaningful and interesting texts, and many songs are written in Gaulish, with many references to Celtic Mythology. They managed to translate the texts with the help of David Stipfer, a professor at the University of Vienna. The name of the band is an Etruscan form of Celtic “helvetios”, meaning “the Helvetian”. Helvetians was a tribal confederation that occupied Switzerland before and during the contact with the Roman Republic in the 1th century. The founder of the band, Chringel Glanzmann, talked about how important it is to him to remember the culture and the traditions of a civilization that lived ages ago where he lives now and that Eluveitie want to symbolize past and hand it down to new generations.

Eluveitie are active since 2002 and while the first albums are more impregnated with black metal influences, the third album, Evocation I: The Arcane Domination has divided fans all over the world, because it’s more concentrated on Celtic and folk melodies. The singer Anna Murphy is amazing.

I’ll link here my favorite song of this talented band; I really love those kind of videos, where you see nature and you feel the music match perfectly with what it’s around.