First of all, I just want to underline that this is one of the best books I have ever read. I didn’t expect it to be so great, but it was.

In the common imagination there is this cruel monster that terrorize everyone, a creature without soul. That’s not what the story is about! There is so much more than just this.

Victor Frankenstein is a very diligent student with a huge passion for science and chemistry. He knows he is talented and he has the dream to do something that no one before him had succeeded in doing, and after working very hard both day and night, he manages to create another human being. Turns out the plan didn’t go how he wanted; when the being begins moving, the inventor is so scared by his tremendous presence, that he just runs away, hoping he will not see the monster he created anymore for the rest of his life. The monster, that actually has no name at all during the entire story, is scared being for the first time in the world. He just need to be loved by someone, but he will soon discover how cruel and superficial the man can be. At the beginning he is like a child, he wants to know more about the world and the people, and living alone in the wilderness he tries to talk to someone and change his condition of loneliness, but he soon finds out that people is afraid of him and hate on him due to his appearance, which leads him to fear and hide from them. With time, after being denigrated and disappointed several times, he is so unhappy that he becomes a monster, being capable only of hating men, swearing revenge to his creator for bringing him into a world that hated him so much.


In my opinion, the monster depicted into this novel is not the scary creature known by anyone as the symbol of the book, but the man. The monster is actually a highly sensible creature in the beginning of his life, he is good, caring, helpful and have a high intellect, curious about nature, literature and languages. He helps a little girl from drowning into the river and saves her, he collects logs in the forest and leave them in front of a family house every night, so the people living there don’t get cold in the winter; but, guess what? The only thing he has in return for that, when people sees him for the first time, is hate.

Victor Frankenstein, on the other hand, puts so much effort in creating something, and when he is finished, he doesn’t take on his own responsibilities. He is the creator, he should have learned to “the monster” how to live his life into this world, he should have learned him how it is to be loved and respected. He should have loved him and followed him, no matter how scary and horrifying his aspect is, because the appearance is not important if you have a good soul.  Instead, he just quits and he continues living his life as anything had never happened.

Despite the novel has been published in 1818, it’s a very modern book. The great English author Mary Shelley, published Frankenstein anonymously, mixing into the book elements from the Romantic period, but also gothic and horror details. Why I think it’s a modern book is for the powerful words written by Shelley, but also because this gothic novel has been considered by critics as an example of science fiction: the modern experiments in the laboratory to achieve fantastic results is now, in our modern society, everyday life for us.

If you have not read it yet, I highly recommend this book to you.