This is the story of an ancient castle, an historic fortress in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. The castle stands upon the plug of an extinct volcano and archeological investigations has yet to establish when the castle was first used as a place of human habitation. Like every castle, the fortress of Edinburgh has always been the center of military life during the centuries, and also royal residency. Nowadays the castle of Edinburgh is the most visited tourist attraction of the city and all Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle is considered the most haunted location in Scotland. Tortured souls from centuries ago (countless prisoners have been locked up in cells suffering torture, malnourishment and death), reportedly still lingers in the castleโ€™s many halls and rooms. People visiting the place and the museums located there, often report strange sensations such as drops in temperature, feelings of being watched and an unseen presence touching the face.

There is also some footage of the castle that shows a mystic fog, sometime colored green, inside the castle. All these paranormal activities reported, made nine paranormal researches in Scotland investigate into the Scottish castle in 2001, prepared with an array of high-tech ghostbusting equipment and digital cameras.

A ghost that presumably haunts the castle is that of Lady Janet Douglas, wrongfully accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake inside the castle.

Also, the ghostly outline of a man has been seen walking through a doorway in one of the castleโ€™s haunted vaults; it is said that itโ€™s a headless drummer from the 17th century.

Today, Edinburgh Castle is run and administrated, for the most part, by Historic Scotland, an executive agency of the Scottish Government. The castle continues to have a strong military role and connection with the Army, and is one of the few ancient castles in Britain that still has a military garrison. During August each year, a series of performances called the Edinburgh Military Tattoo take place, a beautiful parade of drums and pipes playing traditional Scottish tunes, by the Scottish regiments, and a variety of performers also from around the world.

This castle is a symbol of Edinburgh, and of Scotland, a memorable place for sure worth visiting, with many traditions and ancient legends and mysteries.