It Follows is a superanatural and horror film released in 2014 that tells the story of a teenager, Jay, oppressed by something undefined that follows her. The entity has been passed to her by her new boyfriend, Hugh. He explains that she will now be pursued by an entity that only they can see, which can take the appearance of everyone.

The entire film is based on the persecution of this girl, that want to find out with the help of her friends how to fight the entity.

The movie has been written and directed by American David Robert Mitchell, and was acclaimed by critics and commercially successful considering its low, independent film budget. It Follows was entirely filmed in Detroit, Michigan, and debuted at the famous Cannes Film Festival, as I said, in 2014.

During an interview Mitchell explained how he had the idea of creating the film, and he said that it all was based on recurring dreams he had in his youth about being followed.

In fact, I think this is a movie that explains how a victim live the nightmare of being followed and harassed by someone, real, or imaginary. How it is to live every day with hallucinations. And how important it is to have good and careful people around that can help you go through everything, also what you think is impossible to overcome; and the importance of freedom. This is my interpretation of the film, but many critics have their own; most of them claim that this movie is a parable about HIV and how it is to live with this lentivirus.


Mortality is a major theme of the film, in particular Mitchell wants to point out deaths inevitability and how people try to postpone death.

During the movie there are several literary references; for example, some verses are read of a beautiful poem that I love by T. S. Eliot (1888 – 1965), The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, that is a dramatic interior monologue of an urban man, isolated and incapable of decisive action, analyzing the impotence of the modern individual.

Following the film success, it has been said that it may be a sequel.