It’s amazing how every film that is being released has a story to tell. Sometimes the story is fictional, and created by great authors, but, other times, movies are based on real events.

Ed and Lorraine Warren were a married couple, both American paranormal investigators. Ed was a World War II United States Navy veteran, but also an author, and a demonologist. Lorraine has been a medium for all her life, and worked closely with her husband when he was alive.


They claimed to have investigated over more than 10.000 ghost cases during their career, and founded the oldest ghost hunting group in New England, the New England Society for Psychic Research.

Among their most famous investigations there are the case of a cursed doll, possessed by a young girl called Annabelle Higgins (the supernatural psychological horror film Annabelle is based on the story of this doll), but also the Amityville Horror case, a house haunted by a violent presence, adapted into the movie that has the same name, and portrayed also in the opening scene of the Conjuring 2.


Ed and Lorraine released several books in which they described many private ghost investigations and reported lots of paranormal activities; they dedicated their lives to this work and they have decided to share all the wisdom they have gained with others.

Lorraine now runs The Warren’s Occult Museum, in the back of her house in Connecticut, where you can find various cursed objects, although she has decided to retire from active investigations regarding the areas of haunted houses and demonic infestations. But her son-in-law, Tony Spera, will continue the work of Lorraine and Ed.


Talking about their Occult Museum, it is the oldest and only museum of this kind. This place houses the largest array of obscure and haunted artifacts in the world! The Annabelle doll I talked about you in this article is there, in the Museum, on exhibit.

If you are interested and want to know more about Ed and Lorraine Warren and all their stories, and the Occult Museum,  here is the link to The New England Society For Psychic Research, a really interesting and well structured website: