Everyone surely remembers Ouija, the American horror movie released in the United States just some days before Halloween 2014. The movie tells the story of two best friends, Debbie and Lane, that played with the famous Ouija board invoking spirits. But, when they grow up, one of the two friends dies, and the girl left decides to do a sรฉance session to invoke the spirit of her best friend, with the help of her sister and others.

Unfortunately, passing the limits between life and death not everything goes as planned. As I said, this is a horror movie, but ย most of all, it’s a story about friendship, love, sorrow, and correlation between life and death.


As we all know, a fundamental part of a successful movie is its music.

Behind the catching soundtracks of this film, we have the award winning music composer, orchestrator and producer Anton Sanko. He’s from New York, and he tells during an interview that he has collected a range of weird instruments during the years, and that he has fun mixing different sounds and creating his music.

By using acoustic instruments he manage to tell the story that is not exposed in the film. In my opinion his music is upsetting, magical and scary at the same time.

Sanko’s father introduced him for the first time to music and cinema when he was a child, and growing up he matured the dream of writing music for movies as a living. That dream became reality. He claims that his continuing challenge when he writes music is to let the hearer be scared more and more each time.

That’s so amazing how we associate music with characters and situations, without even knowing it sometimes.

I’m linking Anton Sanko’s music down here, for everyone who wants to ย listen.