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Witchcraft and Spells Photo Shoot

“This is the Discworld, which travels through space on the back of four elephants which themselves stand on the shell of a sky turtle. Once upon a time such a universe was considered unusual and, possibly, impossible.

The Discworld exists right on the edge of reality. The least little things can break through to the other side. So, on the Discworld, people take things seriously.  Like stories. Because stories are important. Stories have been blowing and uncoiling around the universe since the beginning of time. Stories, twisting and blowing through the darkness.”

            (From Witches Abroad, a Discworld Novel by Terry Pratchett).






Bill Skarsgård on playing Pennywise the clown

The movie IT, based on one of Stephen King’s most famous novels with the same name, has been one of the most watched movies of 2017. The clown Pennywise has through the years been an icon of children’s deepest fears, so it’s a very difficult role to play for an actor. Bill Skarsgård did an amazing job impersonating him. The Swedish actor explained how it was for him to dive into a so difficult and evil character. One of the most terrifying features of Pannywise is his evil smile and Bill explained in an interview how he became so good at doing it while filming. His older brother Gustav (an amazing actor as well) had the ability to point his lip in a very strange way and he learned this funny thing from a very early age, and it eventually was perfect to know for the character he had to play.

One of the most requested questions to Bill was if the kids on set were really scared of him and his answer was that the first day of shooting the kids were deliberately kept separated from him (they had never seen the clown or met him before), and while shooting a very intense scene on set he was actually worried that he was traumatizing the child in the scene; after he scene was over, he went to the kid and asked: “Are you ok Jack?” and his answer was “I love what you’re doing with the character!”.

Also, shout out to the Emmy-winning costume designer Janie Bryant, that took inspiration from several historical times for the idea of the costume   and makeup artist Bart Mixon that built Pennywise’s original makeup of the first movie, that the makeup artists recreated here, because they did an incredible job.

cold dark eerie fear
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Salem’s Lot

When I first began reading Salem’s Lot I don’t know why but I thought it was about the famous witch trials that took place in Salem in the 17th century, but this is not the case. This book tells us the story of Ben Mears, a writer that decides to go back to his childhood hometown called Jerusalem’s Lot after many years with the purpose of writing a book about a spooky strange mansion called by everybody Marsten House. Ben will soon learn that his trip there will take a totally different turn and that mysterious things happens over and over again, just like when he was a little boy. I will not write spoilers here, but let’s just say that nothing is what it looks like in the beginning. I think that the beginning of the book looks more like a crime story, but at the end it turns into a fantasy.


I absolutely love Stephen King and many of his books, he is one of the greatest authors of our time, but one thing that I didn’t enjoy so much about this particular book is that there are so many details in the description of the characters, and so many characters, that you somehow are distracted from the main plot of the book. But, I also have to say that one thing that is typical of King’s writing is the amazing way in which he describes everything, and often, in many of his books, the descriptions are mostly in the first part of the book, and only at the end we have the final plot twist. Stephen King himself says in the introduction of the novel that the reading should be indulgent reading the book, because he was only 23 years old when he wrote it and he already had a wife that had a typewriter and loved his stories.

This horror novel is actually the second published book of Stephen King, written in 1975, so it reflects the way of writing King had in his first works.


Hope you’ve all had a great Halloween. I had a good time spending the evening with my brother and my friends at my friend’s house. I was already in the Halloween mood in the morning, like every year, and listened to all the classical Halloween scores from different movies while I prepared carving pumpkins. This year we had tree huge pumpkins, so it was a bit of a work carving them, but very fun as always! It’s a tradition I love very much. In the afternoon I prepared the sweets and cakes for the evening; later my best friends arrived from other parts of Italy for the occasion and it was amazing seeing them again and spend the night together. We decorated my friend’s house with black and purple candles, and my friends also made a Ouja board (only for decorative purpose), and with all the pumpkins the Halloween atmosphere was great. We played some games, watched a movie and took a walk in our neighbourhood, that has been a tradition every year.  : ) Unfortunately, no full moon this year in the sky where I live. How was your Halloween?




Halloween Double Chocolate Muffin Recipe

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since last time. Actually, an entire year!  Many things have changed in the last months and I have not had the time to update the blog, but I will try to update it more often in the future. Hope everyone is doing well and that you’ll have some fun tonight, whatever you’re doing for Halloween. If you’ll spending your night watching Halloween movies or doing a Harry potter marathon, or if you’ve plans with your closest friends or family.

Anyways, as you all know, I love Halloween, and one of the things I love the most is making Halloween cakes and carving pumpkins in the afternoon. Today I want to share with you my traditional Halloween chocolate muffin recipe, this has been a classic every year from my childhood, my mom used to bake these and now we have the tradition of baking them together at Halloween afternoon with The Nightmare Before Christmas playlist music in background. Actually, the traditional recipe is simpler, but here I’ll share it adding chocolate, because who doesn’t love chocolate, right? Here it is! :  )



40 gr potato starch

180 gr rice flour

200 gr sugar

60 gr cacao powder

50 gr chocolate drops

100 gr dark chocolate

150 ml milk

3 egg

115 gr butter

8 gr baking soda


  • Mix in a bowl the sugar, the cacao, the chocolate drops and the dark chocolate.
  • Melt the butter and mix it in a different bowl with the eggs and the milk.
  • Mix all the liquid ingredients with the solid ones.
  • Take the dough in muffins forms and cook in the oven at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes.


You can do all the Halloween decorations you want on them when they’re cooked. You have to try this delicious chocolate recipe if you love strong chocolate flavour like me. Enjoy! :  )

close up photo of halloween decors
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Halloween Preparations

Hi everyone, it’s been a while. But, Halloween is finally coming, and I’m really excited to show you some of the stuff I bought this year for this day. Having always done something special at Halloween, I’ve already got loads of Halloween decorations, but every year it’s tradition I buy something new to add to my collection of spooky things.

Halloween Night

This year I bought something I never had before, a set to carve pumpkins! Has someone of you tried it? I haven’t tested it yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. There are utensils to carve Jack O’ Lantern’s eyes and the scary smile, and a thing to open the pumpkin at the top, and another one that should help extract all the pumpkin pulp. Also, I bought some black and orange candles, some skull paper cups, a mural bat decoration and marshmallows.


By the way, I bought everything at Tiger, I think it is a great store because they have a large variety of Halloween gadgets. 

Witch’s Garden

I love books in which the author describes beautiful witch’s gardens with mysterious plants and medicinal herbs, used both to handle diseases and practice magic spells. It is scientifically demonstrated that plants have chemicals that work like pharmaceutical drugs, and just as a pharmaceutical drug, they have benefits but also side effects that mustn’t be underestimated.

As we know, witches are very close to nature, so many of them are used to have a little garden where they spend many hours every day taking care of their magical herbs. But, what kind of plants, flowers and herbs are usually in these magic gardens, or also searched into the wild by witches? Here is a list of some of the most important flowers/plants that has been considered useful for different spells and purposes throughout the centuries.


White Poppy

  • It is said that white poppy has the peculiarity of being sedative, calming and even sleep-inducing.




  • A flowering and beautiful plant with violet flowers that was used in ancient times to treat terrible diseases just like leukemias and cancer.


Christmas Rose


  • Also called Black Hellebore, in spite of its name, this particular evergreen perennial floral plant doesn’t belong to the Rosaceae family. A strange feature of this plant is that it flowers in the depths of winter. This plant is very dangerous, it’s poisonous and can cause burning of the eyes, mouth and throat, gastroenteritis and oral ulceration.


Witch Hazel


  • This is a northern America flowering plant that was used for healing different types of skin irritations (even if it’s not scientifically proven nowadays that it’s safe since oral consumption of witch hazel water is toxic).




  • This is one of the most mysterious plants in history, and there are several legends and myths around this big perennial herbaceous plant. Nowadays, more than 80 different substances have been identified inside it, and many of them are poisonous. The effects of consumption of mandrakes are many, including dilation of the pupils, vomiting, hallucinations and tachycardia.


The list could be longer and longer, because there are many plants that is and have been considered poisonous or with healing effects throughout the centuries, but we also have to remember and underline that thanks to modern traditional medicine and scientific researches, like the discovery of penicillin that has been one of the most important discoveries of all times, humanity has been saved from different horrible diseases.




Paranormal activities on YouTube, real or fake?

Searching on YouTube, you can find a series of horror videos about anything, from possessed dolls videos to paranormal activities caught on video. But, what is real and what is made up just to get attention?

Today I want to focus on this strange phenomenon. I must say that in my opinion most of them are fake, just because sometimes the tricks are evident if you have a keen eye (transparent strings moving chairs, tables and doors, or evident graphical effects), but, sometimes, some videos are just so well made, that you wonder if something really is going on.

We certainly know about several real strange phenomena happening, and that’s always been like that. But, if you really see something strange, would take a camera and film all of it really be the first thing you’ll do? I don’t know.

Anyway, here is a list of the most haunted dolls caught on camera and well explained by the YouTube channel Top 5s Finest. Enjoy! 




American Poltergeist

American Poltergeist tells the story of a group of college students that decide to rent a vacation house during summer in Fall River, Massachusetts.

You’ll immediately find out at the beginning of the movie that it’s a very strange and spooky house, with bedrooms at the second floor, a spooky pool and a basement that, as the house’s owner Dianna Eastbrock explains, is completely locked, and the key has been lost. The film is divided like a diary into days, and as days go by, the friends will understand more and more that the house hides a terrible secret. In fact, in August 1892 a terrible murder happened, the famous Lizzie Borden murder, where a girl murdered her parents; this happened in the basement of that house.

The same thing happened again in 1992, the day one of the protagonists of the film and one of the friends moving into the house, is born. Taryn has a strange feeling that something is wrong, but nobody believes her at the beginning. They’ll soon find out who she really is, and they’ll experience one of the most terrifying poltergeists in American history.

The movie is directed by Mike Rutkowski, that graduated in 2008 from the Los Angeles Film School; this is his first feature film.

The plot and the story is very interesting but the story could have been deepened more in my opinion; that’s the classical story of a haunted house, that I love, but I feel like we miss a great part of the story in some way. The movie is also not so long, it’s a bit more than an hour.


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